>  Image bank + custom-made; quickly find the matching illustration of this - in 15 sections divided - archive or let me make a new drawing.  

       >  Image bank section 1: cartoons about: work, employment, recruitment, apply for, career, hierarchy, redundancy, retirement.

       >          “               “        2: caricatures about: money, economy, crisis, capitalism, shares, corporate, merger, administration, sales, shopping.

       >          “               “        3: pictures about: education, science, professor, knowledge, research, innovation, chemistry, eureka, brains.

       >          “               “        4: drawings about: earth, environment, sustainability, cradle to cradle, energy (saving), water, nature, animals.

       >          “               “        5: stock material about: health care, psychology, ad(h)d, stress, risk, insurance, protection, help.

       >          “               “        6: existing drawings about: spirituality, religion, superstition, love, partner, mediator, future, time, waiting, death.

       >          “               “        7: archive illustrations about: sports, performance, appreciation, art, culture, party, Christmas, holiday, time out, sabbatical.

       >          “               “        8: views of: inspection, control, surveillance, identification, biometrics, dna, anonymous, choosing, dilemma, compare.

       >          “               “        9: editorial sketches about: communication, consultancy, ict, automation, open source software, mobile, media.

       >          “               “      10: cartoons about: living, housing, buy, rent, construction, environmental planning, horticulture, interior, waste.

       >          “               “      11: stock illustrations: young and old people, hands, sign language, facial expressions, food, toilet, society.

       >          “               “      12: opinion pictures about: current events, politics, government, bureaucracy, elections, debate, compromise, domestic, foreign.

       >          “               “      13: archive work about: crime, fraud, security, wanted, detective, police, line-up, justice, law, ethics.

       >          “               “      14: stock pictures: public transport, bicycle, car, boat, bus, train, smart card, airplane, moving, movement, movement restriction.

       >          “               “      15: icons about: agenda, innovation, profile, interview, in operation, file, the opinion of.

>  Image bank + custom-made info; I can always deliver custom-made pictures.

       >  Possible adjustments; specific examples of customized stock pictures.

>  Portfolio; a selection of my drawings clarified and showed in large formats.

       >  The creative process; ideation and technique.

Rates/ quotation/ ordering; of image bank illustrations and of new to create drawings.

       General Terms and Conditions.

Copyright + disclaimer; all drawings on this website are created and owned by illustrator Hans van den Tillaart.

Information; I can also make a difference for your magazine, newspaper, company magazine, annual report, book, poster, website or commercial expression.

Contact; email address and postal address of illustrator Hans van den Tillaart in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

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